The Compass


The Compass is written to illuminate the path of all spiritual pilgrims who seek the Mystery through the path of the ORC.

This compass point towards the common understanding that unites those wanderers who gather under our banner. The Eastern direction on the compass points out the Mystery, which the Order reveals through its degrees.
All our axioms disclose aspects regarding God, Man and the nature of our Order.

They are our common agreement, and are road signs on the path towards the Mystery, which is the Pearl of our Order, the rightful inheritance of Man and the reality of the Divine.
The Compass must be presented to all who seek membership in our Order, in a meeting with their sponsor, before they can return their application. 
It is a wayfinder for those who seek the path of our tradition. The Mystery is beyond words, and those who seek it should therefore look beyond all words in desire for wisdom and understanding. The Compass is thus not a Credo, but a summary of the tradition we nurture and seek guidance from when we gather around what is Holy; a tradition that would never dictate neither religious beliefs nor philosophical preferences amongst its members.

Grand Master
The Consistory of the Order
August 2010


On the Mystery

1. There exists only one Mystery, and in this Mystery lies the liberation of Mankind. The Mystery lies beyond language, and cannot be imparted by means of language. It can only be acknowledged through revelation and experience.

2. The one Mystery is independent of all religious, linguistic and cultural forms and varieties. However, it did not arrive naked into this world, and is imparted in the ORC through a traditional dramaturgy and methodology.

3. God is not a person, and has therefore not written or dictated any books or texts.

4. All sacred texts have been written by men of flesh and blood, with or without a higher inspiration or a deeper understanding.

5. Acknowledgement (meaning gnosis) is of greater value than faith. Faith is merely the hope of something out of reach. While lacking in acknowledgement, faith may serve as a preliminary substitute, but it is never a goal or a value in itself.


The Sacred

1. The exalted being which we, for want of a better term, call God, transcends all experience. Even so, it is understood to be the absolute source of all.

2. Christ designates the end of a process of christification. The Holy Spirit is the dynamic force in this process. They may be equaled to a point and an infinite extension.

3. Experiencing the Mystery has, in and of itself, a transmuting effect on Man. This is called liberation or redemption. 

4. The absolutely redeemed Human being is the highest spiritual standard of existence.

5. The redeemed Human being is beyond good and bad.

6. The world was not created for the sake of Man or its nature, and Man will therefore never come to terms with its conditions.

7. Only Man can bring about reintegration, and through the liberation of Man, the entire fallen world will be set free.


On the Order

1. The Order has a triple purpose (just as it is horizontally divided into three parts):

a. To guide Man to the Mystery.
b. To teach, support and broaden the path for those who have taken part in the Mystery, so that they learn to live in and through this acknowledgment.
c. To recognize and ordain the Light?bearers of the future.

2. The Order constitutes a magical, mystical and philosophical community.

3. The Order has a pragmatic and systematic approach to its religious goal.

4. The Order consists of building blocks, which when interacting with the collective experience of the initiates, gives the individual the means to bridge the religious, psychological and mental gap between Man and God.

5. The hierarchy of the Order is based on experience, apprehension and understanding, and is acknowledged accordingly.

6. The hierarchy of the Order consists of living as well as deceased initiates. The full hierarchy consists also of spiritual beings, who in lack of more precise designations are called gods, angels and demons.

7. The Order is described as Christian, as the Mystery in this tradition is draped in Christian language and symbols. The Mystery is nonetheless universal and independent of all cultural and religious masks.

8. All meetings in the Order consist of process?oriented interaction. The goal of every meeting is guidance, fraternization and spiritual growth. By seeing and being seen, the seekers guide, correct and instruct each other.


On the Seeker

1. To be initiated into the Order, applicants must have a minimum of understanding of what Reintegration means for their way of life, their work and for the whole of creation.

2. Every aspirant for membership in the Order must show that they are able to take care of themselves.

3. Everyone is responsible for their own learning process and progress, and they must therefore be prepared for independent studies and practice.

4. The Order demands of its members that they seek to fulfill their physical, psychological and spiritual potential.

5. Initiates of the Order should pursue a life of spiritual as well as worldly fulfillment, so that they do not lack anything in the spirit nor in the world.

6. The Order urges its initiates to take part in the joys of the world, without clinging to events, people or the past.

7. Initiates shall, to the best of their ability, live and die with dignity.