Manifesto Ordre Reaux Croix



The Ordre Reaux Croix is dedicated to the Path of Reintegration:
The knowledge, understanding and perpetuation of the One Mystery to those who desire, and are able to attain it.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. is a Sovereign Order, governed by a Grand Master.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. perpetuates the ancient oral, written and ritual western mystery tradition known as Martinism.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. is a united manifestation of the complete Martinist tradition.


The O.·.R.·.C.·.s foundation is the original teachings and initiatory traditions of Martinez de Pasqually, Jean Baptiste Willermoz and Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. perpetuates a non-dogmatic tradition of experienced enlightenment, and does therefore not profess any exclusive religious confession.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. shall preserve, develop, and re-actualize this tradition in pace with the present age, and all ages to come.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. welcomes free men and women of sound mind and good will, who carries the desire for enlightenment in their heart.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. only advances its members through personal understanding of the mysteries of its degrees, and the ability to manifest this understanding in one’s life.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. requires an oath of silence regarding its teachings, rituals and the identity of its members. Each member is however free to make his or her affiliation known.


Each member of the O.·.R.·.C.·. shall manifest the fruits of his or her work in the world; to the benefit of all and the fulfillment of the Great Work.


The O.·.R.·.C.·. is established and maintained by voluntary effort, and shall always remain an unincorporated organization.

If the O.·.R.·.C.·. no longer serves the ideals of this Manifesto, it shall be dissolved.