The C.·.B.·.C.·.S.·. is the chivalric branch of the Order, where spiritual knighthood and philosophy shapes the path towards Truth.


Ordre de Chevaliers Bienfaisantes de la Cité Sainte – The Knights Beneficent of the Holy City, is the chivalric branch of the Order, and our heritage from Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.

After having completed a time of studies in Voie Cardiaque’s II? degree, the Initiate may seek to be received in this branch where a more in-depth philosophical perspective on the inner alchemical work is begun.

The system of Willermoz is especially challenging of our own values, but also very figurative in the way it is presented. Many of the images used for the process of the degrees are painted by the renowned martinist and symbolist Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901).

Originally, one had to be a freemason to enter the C.·.B.·.C.·.S.·., but since Ordre Reaux Croix does not work nor confer any masonic degrees, the symbolic prerequisites that are necessary to pursue this path have been incorporated in the preparatory degrees of the Voie Cardiaque. These elements are not traditionally masonic, or part of the regular Craft, but innovations Willermoz added to his own system, or adopted from Martinez de Pasqually.

Master X JewelC.B.C.S. begins in the Scottish Master of St. Andrew degree, often abbreviated as ‘Master X’. Here the Initiate pursues a restoration of himself and his fellow men, out of the realisation that what you do unto others, you also do to yourself.

Then begins the work of the Chapter of the Order, where as a Squire-Novice one works to create his own chivalric devise and motto.

This elaborate but artistic work is a process by which ones identity and values are clarified, manifested and affirmed. Both to oneself and to the outer world.

Central to this knighthood is the Temple of Jerusalem, as an image for that which is sacred in Man; the goal of the pilgrimage every seeker carries on their journey in themselves. This is a holy place, not only for Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but represents the Sacred to all men and women, regardless of religion.

In our time where dark forces seek to distort the equality of men, and convince us of our differences rather than our common divine origin, the Knights of the Holy City work for a society where all men can unfold themselves, and seek the sacred the way they desire, in harmony and peace with each other.

In the Knighthood, the challenges of life are studied and explored, as we strive to embody the ideals of courage, truth, compassion and equality.

Central to this work is the notion that one cannot detach ones own development and values from how we interact and respect our neighbour, regardless of what differences of opinion that apparently separates us from each other, as well as a focus on that in our secret source and origin we are all noble, with a common origin in the Eternal.

In the Ordre Reaux Croix, the ‘Rule of the Order’ give a very detailed description of the central values we profess.

Willermoz originally intended that the Knighood should be followed by two secret degrees, that of Professed and Grand Professed Knight, and by them lead to a theurgical completion of the work in the Elus Coën.

When the Constitution of Willermoz’ system was ratified, and the plan for its reform was approved at the Convention of Wilhelmsbad in 1782, the German delegation was greatly opposed to it. In the Ordre Reaux Croix we however operate the complete rite as Willermoz originally intended, and the two degrees in question are conferred, not only as degrees of instruction, but as complete inner alchemical initiations as they were written in 1770.

The completion of this branch is in the M.S.C. degree, where Willermoz epitomized the theurgical and initiatory system of the Elus Coëns in his typically simple and elegant manner.

The C.·.B.·.C.·.S.·. is today worked in Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada and Argentina.