Voie Cardiaque

Voie Cardiaque – The Way of the Heart – is the mystical and meditative branch of the Order, for those who seek an inner way to enlightenment.


The C.·.B.·.C.·.S.·. is the chivalric branch of the Order, where spiritual knighthood and philosophy shapes the path towards Truth.

Elus Coën

The Elus Coën is the theurgical branch of the Order, working with the original magical rituals and initiations of Martinez de Pasqually.


The Martinist Order – Ordre Reaux Croix


“You are Man, never forget that you are the manifestation of human dignity. Respect this noble heritage, for that is your first and foremost task upon the earth. ”

 -Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin

Martinism is a 250 year old western esoteric mystery-tradition.

It is a path of initiation for those who seek enlightenment; what our predecessors called ‘man’s reintegration with himself and his divine origin.’

The tradition portrays the original state of man as a unity of being: An awakened state where we see ourselves in clarity, with a direct insight and gnosis of our origin, what we are and what we seek.

In our daily consciousness, we let outer influences and inner movement disturb this clarity, breaking the original unity.   This gives rise to unrest, disharmony and illusions regarding reality, oneself, other people and the world.

Consciously and unconsciously, we let these illusions affect our actions and ourselves.

They are a natural result of being alive, but the patterns of thoughts and actions they create quickly become petrified habits, and one lapses into a sleeping state, beside oneself, and loose the clarity of the moment.

By delving into our own depth, perceiving what we are and have become, we become liberated from the illusions of habit, and see reality face to face. We becomes who we are.

The purpose of the Tradition, is to aid men and women who desire to return to this original spiritual state, that seem lost in a time where the apparent and superficial dominates our worldview and understanding of ourselves.

The Order is the custodian of a system of teaching and a method: initiations where one explores what lies behind out outer personality, and a practice to reawaken, liberate and unfold what lies hidden and forgotten in the depth of the human being.

Through a language of symbols, that not only speak to thoughts and emotions, but that part of ourselves that words cannot express, the root of our being is reached, and redeem what lies buried under earthly veils.

This path is conveyed and taught in an Order open for all men and women, regardless of sex, nationality, preference or religious confession, who seek the truth – to know oneself.

Ordre Reaux Croix is a traditional martinist order, which conveys this method through initiations, self-studies, meditation, discourse, philosophy, inner alchemy and theurgy.

The teachings of the Order have their origin in the early esoteric Christianity, Hermeticism, alchemy and western mysticism.

It does not adhere to any exclusive religious confession, but insists on an absolute respect for all of humanity, and our individual quest for the sacred; the light of Truth that shines behind all religions.

Through the Order’s website and a selection of texts, such as the Manifest of the Order, the Compass, and the Rule of the Order, we hope that you may get an impression of what martinism is, how it is practiced in the Ordre Reaux Croix, and what it entails to be a member of the Order.

The Ordre Reaux Croix is devoted to the perpetuation of this tradition, and is today active in Norway, Sweden, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, USA and England.

The O.·.R.·.C.·. teaches through personal instruction, studies, meditation, ceremonial magic, inner alchemy and the integration of all these esoteric disciplines into the soul and psyche of the seeker. Studies in the order begin by initiation into the Voie Cardiaque – the Way of the Heart, and after a time of mystical and contemplative work, the aspirant can chose to work with magical branch of the tradition, the Elus Coëns or the chivalric and philosophical path of the C.·.B.·.C.·.S.·.

Several well-known cultural figures were martinists, such as Czar Nicholas II of Russia, enlightenment fighter Nicholaj Novikov, the occultists Compte de Saint-Germain, Eliphas Levi, Arthur Edward Waite, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, John Yarker, Theodor Reuss and Gerard Encausse – Grand Masters of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) , Augustine Chaboseau, Emile Dantinne. Esoteric writers such as Julius Evola, J.I. Wedgwood, the writers Hermann Hesse, Honorè Balzac, Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Joséphin Péladan, Margaret Peeke, painters Arnold Böcklin and Pamela Coleman Smith, musicians Claude Debussy and Édith Piaf.

The Summit of these teachings is the initiation Saint-Martin describes thus:

“The only initiation which I advocate and which I look for with all the ardor of my Soul, is that by which we are able to enter into the Heart of God within us, and there make an Indissoluble Marriage, which makes us the Friend, the Brother and Spouse of the Repairer … there is no other way to arrive at this Holy Initiation than for us to delve more and more into the depth of our Soul and to not let go of the prize until we have succeeded in liberating its lively and vivifying origin.”